Ready to apply to the perfect job...
Only to discover they require a cover letter?

Over half of all online job applications today still require a cover letter!

Do you HATE writing a cover letter?

Most people do.

In fact, most people spend more than 3 HOURS struggling to write a cover letter, and end up doing it ALL WRONG.

They restate in great details what's ALREADY IN THEIR RESUME.  

And they write a cover letter that is WAY TOO LONG.

Many people give up on the application and NEVER SUBMIT IT - all because of the need for a cover letter.

Your cover letter should be one page, or less.

And it should take less than half an hour to write a customized cover letter that addresses the specific requirement of the job.

But it's HARD to do
 ... and takes a lot of time ... 
unless you have a templated system to make it A CINCH.

And one that lands the INTERVIEW for you!

That's why I created my online mini-course 
Craft The Perfect Cover Letter.

Because writing the perfect cover letter should be 
FAST, EASY and SIMPLE to do.

I believe that the perfect cover letter should be like a written version of your Elevator Pitch 
... with just 4 sections ...
 presented in a very specific order.

Diane Huth

I'm Diane Huth, career coach, brand marketer, public speaker, and university professor of marketing and career development.  

I'm known as the Accidental Career Coach, because I wrote my Amazon best-selling career guide, BRAND YOU! To Land Your Dream Job, when I discovered my college students didn't have a clue on how to find and land a job when they graduated with a degree in a few months.

Over the past 6 years, I have helped hundreds of professionals land great jobs by writing powerful and persuasive resumes for them, and then coaching them on how to optimize their LinkedIn pages.

I also coach them on how to write the perfect cover letter - using the exact same system I want to teach you here.

And I charge them $100 to write a cover letter for them - in addition to the $495 they have already paid me to write their resume and LinkedIn page headline and About copy.

I will teach you how to achieve all that - in just half an hour!

It's all available in my online course 

Check out everything that you need to write YOUR perfect cover letter.

Here's What's In The Online Course

  • 1 - CRAFT THE PERFECT COVER LETTER eBOOK - available for immediate download

  • 2 - VIDEO TUTORIAL - That walks you step-by-step through the process

  • 8 FORMATTING TEMPLATES TO CHOOSE FROM - Select a design that displays the same branding as your resume (font, colors, look and feel)

8 Impactful and Easy-to-use Templates

  • Choose the visual format that is consistent with your resume

  • Select one with ribbons or borders to make content stand out

  • Choose a font that's the same as your resume

  • Personalize it with your branding - name, contact information, signature, etc.

    When you go to write a personalized cover letter for a specific job application, you just edit each of the 4 sections quickly and easily and you're done in half an hour!

Your cover letter can make all the difference in your job search success.  

-- 53% of employers PREFER candidates that submit cover letters.

-- 26% of recruiters will actually READ your cover letter.

-- More than HALF of all online job listings - including high tech companies - REQUIRE a cover letter before pushing the "submit" button.

You can learn the SECRETS to creating the perfect cover letter - for just $7!

Both recruiters and employers prefer applications which include a cover letter.


86% of executives stated that cover letters are valuable when evaluating a job candidate


53% of employers prefer candidates that submit cover letters


26% of recruiters actually read cover letters

More than half of all companies REQUIRE a cover letter with an online job application.


48% of tech giants require a cover letter with an online job application


55% of medium sized tech firms require a cover letter with an online job application


65% of fast growing companies require a cover letter with an online job application

My Coaching Services Are Recognized As Among The Best Anywhere!

I'm an industry-acclaimed expert, called upon almost daily to provide valuable insight and guidance to job seekers around the nation on numerous news programs, talk shows, radio interviews, podcasts, and in newspaper stories. I carry the message of personal branding to audiences around the country, and help people understand the importance of the hiring funnel, career success strategies, how to build an Above The Fold Resume, and so much more.  You will be benefiting from my personalized one-on-one guidance and mentoring, while taking advantage of all the valuable content I share daily in the media world. 



Henri Meistre - CEO And President, Brand Builder - Auto Capital Investment LLC USA
Diane has been a pleasure to work with. Clearly, she has been doing this for a long time and has incredible depth of experience and knowledge. Her advice and guidance has been professional, yet sincere and warm. Nothing is too much for her and she sticks to her promises in terms of timing and deliverables. I strongly recommend her services. Thank you Diane.  
Lyndie O’Toole, MBA - Enterprise Sales Growth Leader & Data-Driven Digital Marketing Solutions 
Diane brings her vast world-class expertise in branding and marketing to her students and clients embarking on job search, whether as a recent college graduate or an experienced worker re-inventing their career. Her practical advice and professional encouragement help instill confidence and shortens the process to "branding yourself into your dream job.
Daryl Palmieri, Interim Executive County Superintendent
I was able to hear Diane speak on the radio and she immediately sounded like someone who could help me find the job I was looking for. She not only helped revamp my resume but also provided me with great insight and guidance on how to best market myself. I’m happy to say that I just accepted a new job that I am thrilled about. Thanks, Diane for instilling confidence in me!
Victoria Lopez-Negrete – Partner Allen Austin – Venture Partner at MissionOG
I have known Diane for many, many years, she is a unique professional, with a rare combination of expertise, insight and work ethic that enables her to approach complex challenges and turn them into business opportunities. She can work on multilayered and multifaceted projects and bring them to successful fruition. Diane’s upbeat demeanor, can-do attitude and her strong human relations skills enable her to interface very effectively with many different constituencies; she is a caring person with a strong helping orientation

John Reilly – Business Development Executive
Diane was everything I was seeking in a resume writer, coach, and expert on branding yourself. She offered a great deal of time to my project as well as other career experts I could speak to while updating my profile. I really enjoyed our conversations and her insight into crafting a document that represents who you are as a professional. I highly recommend Diane and very happy I was able to work with such a skilled writer and technical expert in her field.
Victor Arnold – Marketing Research, Customer Experience, Insights and Analytics
Diane is an outstanding career coach and resume developer. Her passion and can-do demeanor is highly motivating and she isn't afraid to provide a nudge, in a supportive way, when necessary. Her counseling has helped me land several projects for my consultancy, and I can't wait to see what happens when she gives me a complete "Brand-You!" makeover.
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